Be a part of the culture.

Premier office space in Erie, PA

Great things are happening at Renaissance Centre. Located in the heart of Downtown Erie, the businesses located in the building have created a great culture. It is the place to be for business professionals, retailers and entrepreneurs.

Walking into the tallest and one of the oldest buildings in Downtown Erie, one may not expect to find a women’s boutique, men’s clothing store, café serving breakfast and lunch, massage therapist, architect, endodontist, several non-profits, business center, co-working space, theatre, alternative healing techniques, law offices, film makers, artists, state offices, CPAs, animators, web developers and the list goes on.

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More Than Office Space

The 14 story high building not only offers great views of the city, it also is home to some of Erie’s greatest talent. There is no such thing as an average work day. With 24/7 access to the building, some tenants are here early in the morning and others late at night. Though businesses have individual office suites, they are often found collaborating or supporting other businesses in the building.

Whether someone is looking for 100 square feet or 10,000 square feet, Renaissance Centre is a great place to establish a business. Being downtown gives tenants the opportunity to be accessible to all areas of Erie and outlying cities of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. Tenants can personalize the space and make it what they want it to be. There is an attached parking ramp and utilities are included.

Gallery Nights

The tenants are taking the culture and extending it to the greater Erie community. Every other month the Erie Art Museum sponsors a gallery night throughout the city.

On those evenings, hundreds of people can be found in Renaissance Centre supporting tenants of the building and visiting artists. Other special events take place from time to time giving others the opportunity to see the great things happening at Renaissance Centre.